Statement of Fees

A contract outlining the specific clinical or psycho-legal framework, applicable ethical codes, releases of information, etc., and the fee structure will be presented to you for your approval and signature prior to any assessment. Hourly rates serve as a general guide to services provided and may vary somewhat depending on the requester’s financial circumstances (fees). As a general guideline, The Ontario Psychological Association’s as of 2009 suggested fee schedule is $205.00/hr. Adjusting for the economies of the North, the normal and customary hourly fee for Dr. Bigelow’s clinical assessments is $110.00/hr. and for forensic counseling or assessments is $160.00/hr. Cases vary so much in complexity that it is necessary to discuss the fee structure in detail for the case in question. A typical family assessment takes about 50 hours to complete, and can range up to over 100 hours, and all of this time is rarely reflected fully in your bill. These charges underestimate the substantial time and expertise involved in preparing a professional report and following it up afterwards. Funds are due upon delivery of the report. Government agencies will be billed.

Unless other arrangements are made, court appearances are billed at $800.00 per half-day, payable in advance. Cancellations of court appearances must be within 48 hour notice or a minimum of a half-day charge will be billed to you. Being subpoenaed/summoned is no substitute for being properly paid and it must be clear to you that you understand this. An implicit contract of service for hire will be assumed. Failure to pay your bill exerts a real conflict of interest on our testimony in court and this pressure may be seen to alter our opinion, which we will not do.

If your ability to pay has been seriously compromised by economic hardship (e.g., sudden job loss), it is incumbent of you to declare this material fact to Dr. Bigelow, or his associates working on the case, before you discuss your case with any of us. We will at times help those in need if we are in a position to do so. We are very sensitive to peoples’ financial limitations. Accordingly, if time permits, we will agree to complete an assessment or render other relevant assistance for a reduced or pro bono fee reflecting your financial circumstances.

If Dr. Bigelow or his associates cannot properly address your question or for any reason cannot complete your assessment in a timely manner, all monies will be returned to you and every effort will be made to secure competent assistance for you.