Brian J. Bigelow, Ph.D., C. Psych., ABPP, FSICPP, FPPR, FICPP

Dr. Brian J. Bigelow is a Registered Psychologist (cert. # 995) in the Province of Ontario. In May, 2005, he became diplomated by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology (cert. # 6004). The ABPP designation is the most prestigious credential in professional psychology. Dr. Bigelow has been in independent practice for over 30 years, concentrating on child and adolescent issues. Informed by his extensive experience as a Professor of Psychology, as well as continuing professional training and supervision, Dr. Bigelow has expertise in clinical, developmental, and school psychology, such as with learning, behavioral and emotional problems. Dr. Bigelow has also extensive experience in forensic assessments, such as decisional capacity under the Substitute Decisions Act, parenting capacity, and abuse and neglect issues under the Child and Family Services Act. Dr. Bigelow is also experienced in court-ordered custody and access assessments. Dr. Bigelow has also been retained for civil litigation assessments. As a Full Professor, Dr. Bigelow’s chief duties are in undergraduate and graduate teaching in child psychology and psychopathology, with occasional duties in the teaching of social and forensic child psychology, developmental disabilities and professional ethics. He is also cross-appointed to the Department of Forensic Sciences. He has recently been the Anglophone Director of Human Development. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, Dr. Bigelow’s independent practice is not under the auspices of Laurentian University.

Dr. Bigelow is a member of the Ontario and Canadian Psychological Associations, as well as the American Psychological Association. As a Diplomate-Fellow in forensic sciences with the International College of Prescribing Psychologists, a member of the American College of Forensic Psychology and a Member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Dr. Bigelow is held to high ethical standards that meet and exceed those normally expected of a Registered Psychologist.

As part of his normal duties, Dr. Bigelow supervises psychologists on the temporary register and regularly consults with individuals who simply want to learn about psychology and child and family issues. While Dr. Bigelow is all too willing to share information with the public and to be retained for assessments, if students or clients divulge their intent to harm themselves or others, or reveal suspected child abuse, mandatory reporting rules apply. Dr. Bigelow also requests that you do not mislead him or his associates, such as requesting that your child be assessed for the purpose of using this assessment as adversarial evidence in a custody or access action. Serious misconduct of a professional nature will also be reported to the applicable professional college. Questions pertaining to Dr. Bigelow’s own conduct are firstly to be discussed with him personally, then if unresolved, with his colleagues, or with The College of Psychologists of Ontario (416) 961-8817).

Brian is also Canada’s first Board Certified Medical Psychologist (ABMP).

Requests for assessments are to be made to Dr. Bigelow at (705) 677-9048 or his e-mail (